Ethics & Compliance

At Sethness Roquette, we have always been committed to offering the best products and services, which is why today we are recognized as the world leaders in caramels. For over 140 years now, our culture of integrity and ethical behavior has maintained this reputation, which is the driving force behind our growth. The success of our business relies on the confidence of our customers, partners and shareholders - a confidence that is difficult to earn but easy to lose. In the past few years, how many powerful, famous companies damaged their reputation due to actions that failed to respect any ethical rules? Times are changing, and we must accompany this change and move forward while always looking ahead. Among the Roquette Group, our Code of Conduct further develops the principles related to our values. As a founding pillar of our value system, it is given to each of the company's employees and made available to our partners. It must serve us as a guide and source of inspiration to adopt the appropriate conduct in all circumstances. If you need to report a potential compliance violation, or have any questions on how to behave in a particular situation, there are numerous ways to act. If you are not a Sethness Roquette Employee: you can get in touch with your usual point of contact or report a problem throught the Speakup© system (see below). All alerts received through this system are dealt with confidentially, respecting relevant laws and regulations. If you are a Sethness Roquette Employee: some issues can be resolved directly with the person whose conduct is concerning you. If this is not possible, then other channels include your manager, Human Resources and/or by reporting through the Speakup® system (see below).
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