Hit the sweet spot! Discover our forthcoming outstanding Caramel Specialties CARANESS

In a fast-growing market looking for more healthy, simple, clean, clear labelled and alternative solutions, consumers are not willing to compromise on pleasure and indulgence. And neither do we.
This is why Sethness Roquette is proud to launch a complete new range of Specialty Caramels to support the growth of our customers in the Food industry.
Thanks to a significant investment to extend by more than 1,000 m2 our current plant of Merville, France, we will use the latest technologies available to produce the finest Caramel Specialties in the world. Our location already allows us to get the highest quality raw materials, and our position as part of the Roquette Group grants us an unlimited accessibility to the most innovative food ingredients.
Those strengths will help us address the most demanding needs you may have. “It is a fantastic opportunity for us to complete our current products range with Caramel Specialties. Relying on our 140 years knowledge and expertise in caramelization, we can now propose a full panel of solutions to our customers, from colors to innovative tastes and textured solutions for the most demanding consumers.”, General Manager of Sethness Roquette Patrick Lapointe says.
Featuring a very large variety of tastes, textures and forms, we are committed to work together to offer and develop creative and customized Caramel solutions (plant based, vegan, reduced in sugars, innovative mouthfeel, amazing taste…). Whatever the shape, from small Salted Butter Caramel Flakes to appealing Vegan Caramel paste, we have it all.
Let’s create the trends of Tomorrow, together!
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Voyons nos caramels colorants poudres pour les épices, sauces et soupes déshydratées!

Sethness Roquette offers 3 varieties, or classes, of Powder Caramel Colors to meet your needs, including clean-label options like Non-GMO Project verified.
Ones that excite the senses.

With our teams' vast knowledge and formulation expertise, we welcome the opportunity to consult with you. So take that new spice or seasonning idea you have in mind.
We can help you visualize it.


Let's excite your senses with our liquid caramel colors for sauces!


Our Carabrew® range for your beers and malt drinks

We recently developed new Caramels bringing taste, fermentescible sugars and colour which will reinforce the roundness and the character of your beer.
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